The average cost of a funeral is too high.

In 1997 Angus McAulay set out to bring value back to families when he opened New Options Funeral Service. Walking away from the model closely followed by, essentially, every mortuary, cemetery, and funeral home, he began meeting families in the familiar surroundings of their own homes and performing funeral and memorial services at their places of worship. Because this meant that he no longer needed a mortuary building to make arrangements, have viewings, and hold funeral services, he was able to remove one of the largest costs passed onto the family, the maintenance of the mortuary itself. The resulting price ends up being nearly half the normal price of a funeral, without a single sacrifice made in service.
If this sounds too good to be true, we understand. We’ve dedicated a good portion of this site to provide you with real answers to your questions and our actual prices so you can judge for yourself. A good place to start might be some of the questions below:

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