August 4, 1971 Chicago, IL
Passed Away:
March 24, 2016 Tustin, CA
April 6, 2016
First Christian Church Fullerton
Fullerton, CA
Santa Ana Cemetery
Santa Ana, CA
Fahness Hashem Lutalo

Thoughts and Memories:
posted by: Sean Spencer
I was supposed to read this at the service but there was not enough time:

When I was younger, at some point I heard the phrase %u201CYou don%u2019t have to be blood to be family.%u201D The meaning is simple enough, and I%u2019m sure it applies to a lot of people. In my life, there are only a handful of people I know, aside from my own relatives, that I would consider family. Fahness Lutalo is one of them.
I became a student of his five years ago, after which I trained to compete in the amateurs under his guidance. If he were here now he might be telling you about the first time I got punched hard. He would have everyone laughing, including myself. Throughout this time I learned a lot from him. We would have conversations for over two hours sometimes about martial arts, life, love, and the good and bad of the world. When I say we would have conversations of course I mean that he would be talking and I would be listening.
Our student%u2013teacher relationship eventually became a good friendship, and I think that was probably the case for many of his other students as well. And he did love his students. He loved what he did and he was good at it. His dedication and hard work could be seen in the talented fighters he trained and developed. We all wanted to make him proud. At first, after this whole thing happened, I thought to myself that this was like the end of a chapter in my life. I always told myself that I would never train or fight under another coach. I told myself that it was time to hang up my gloves and put it all behind me. But, after some thought, and some words of a few friends, I now realize that we have to keep going and continue Fahness%u2019 legacy. We cannot let die what he worked so hard to achieve. Many of us saw him grow throughout the last few years and to let that go to waste would be a shame. And he wouldn%u2019t want us to stop. He would want to see his students continue training hard, fighting and coaching with the same values and principles that he had and passed on to us. We will make him proud.
I was one of the few that were with Fahness when he was taken from us. Reasons why a tragedy like this could have happened to such a caring, loving, kindhearted person are still unclear to me. And I don%u2019t think they will ever become clear. But, I am certain that the place awaiting him is a much better one than here. He would not deserve any less.
I think it is important for us to remember the good things that he brought to this world and to all of us individually. He meant something to all of us here, and while we all probably had a different relationship with him, I think that he was for the most part a positive force in everyone%u2019s life. Although he is no longer a part of our world, this is definitely not %u2018goodbye.%u2019 It%u2019s %u2018see you later.%u2019 We will be reunited with him someday, and until then he will be with us in spirit and in our memories as a son, father, brother, and friend. Fahness, I love you like a big brother. You will be greatly missed.
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