"A Tribute Without a Financial Burden#"

We are committed to provide the highest quality in funeral service to the families we are privileged to serve# We also are committed to provide the highest value in funeral service costs when compared to traditional mortuary services#


What is New Options Funeral Services?


As a third generation funeral director with 45 years in the funeral industry, I have been saddened by the corporate takeover of smaller independent funeral homes# After the takeover the costs are raised by the new owners, although the na#e of the firm remains# 60 Minutes has aired information about this takeover on their newscast, and the subtle ways the new owners run the mortuary#


I felt it is time to change the way mortuaries charge for services. But how? Unless the overhead costs are reduced no real significant cost reduction could take place.


I found a way to reduce the overhead costs. New Options works with the local churches, and other places of worship to use their facilities for viewing and services. By using these facilities instead of mortuary chapels and viewing rooms the cost is almost cut in half. Another way to reduce the overhead was for New Options to meet families in the comfort of their own home, rather than in the mortuary office.


The mortuary office has become a "Sales Room" with well prepared sales personnel, to assist the family at the time of need. New Options families are able to control what they desire for funeral services, rather than a mortuary sales person.


Towards Better Funeral Service,


Angus D. McAulay